Frequently asked questions
About POLAR when did the project launch? January 11th, 2022
How much does a node cost, and what are the rewards? You can find all the information about the different nodes here.​
What is a lucky box ? When you open a lucky box, you get a more or less rare node depending on the rarity rate. There are 4 types of lucky boxes, more information here.
How to mint a lucky box? Follow this short guide here​
How do i open my lucky boxes? There is a tutorial here​
I can't sell my NFT node on the marketplace, why? Only special nodes can be sold on the marketplace. Nodes from Lucky Boxes with a special tier (Emerald & Diamond) and NFT airdrop (gold & silver). It is important to note that your node can become "special" if we airdrop a boost to it. We do regular boost giveaways, so take a chance.
Can I sell my nodes after they are created? The nodes are NFTs that can be transferred to the wallets you want, only for the moment only special NFTs can be sold on our marketplace.
How does the $POLAR Rewards system work? All the Rewards of our nodes can be found here.
How long does it take to get my Game Rewards? Game Rewards are generated every second, you can claim them whenever you want.
Is there a limit of nodes I can own? No, there are currently no limits to the number of nodes you can own.
What is the gas cost to create a node? Gas fees will vary, often between .003-.02, depending on Avalanche network congestion and other factors.
Is there any penalty to sell, buy or claim? There is a penalty when you claim your rewards before the end of the Reward Period. The value of the penalty varies depending on the type of nodes you have.
Can I compound my nodes into other nodes to not pay the claim penalty? You can create a node specially with your pendings rewardsPending Rewards & Level-up​
There's an address who owns 50% of the tokens, and it's not a contract. Who is it? This address is what we call "distributionPool". It’s the address that distributes the rewards and retrieves the POLAR when you create a node.
  • distribUsePool wallet: 0xAB3b24BA4c5911366C59cC870FAcC25B6ea3a053
Creating a new node triggers a series of transactions on the contract. Does that mean creating a node changes the supply of $POLAR?
The way the contract is structured, new nodes create a series of transaction operations. Those operations help maintain the liquidity pool, the protocol treasury, and the game reward system. Those transactions are good for the protocol and ensure a longer life cycle for the project by adding liquidity to the Rewards and Liquidity pool. As the Liquidity pool increases, the transactions will become negligible.
For every node created, 25% is converted to $AVAX tokens, and distributed as follows:
  • Liquidity: 5%
  • Treasury: 10%
  • Team: 10%
Is POLAR Nodes related to RING Finance? Polar protocol is independent and has proprietary functionalities. The protocol is not affiliated to any other protocol.
Multisig wallet?
Each multisig wallet has 5 assigned keys and needs 4 keys to confirm a transaction.
Wallet keys are currently controlled by
Enor#3925 (Founder of Polar nodes)
fenatΓΉ#9539 (AKA salty, Founder of Polar Nodes and Core developer)
Scott#7612 (Community member)
defimaster4#7738 (Community member)
yann#7800 (Known Influencer)
Multisig key holders list might be updated from time to time.
Is the liquidity pool time-locked? No, the liquidity pool is not time-locked, but it is secured by the multisig wallet.
Has the team completed a KYC? The team is not doxxed with a third party service such as AssureDefi or RugDoc nor have the intention to do it in the short term. The team is partially doxxed to a multisig holder, who himself is fully doxxed. Yanteh social accounts can be found here :
Does the team hold any token? The team currently holds less than 4% of the supply. The team tokens allocation is locked until August 2022.
When I try to sell or buy 7 or fewer tokens in Trader Joe the price impact is very high. Why? This issue is from Trader Joe not Polar. Please sell or buy more than 7 Polar and it will work. This is a bug from Trader Joe and there is not much we can do about it.
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